Bill Bellamy Claims He Would Turn Down An $80 Million Movie Before He Misses Family Time

Bill Bellamy realizes the importance of family and is speaking about his priorities. Recent tragic events have rocked the Bellamy family and, sadly, have caused some friction within the unit. But, despite what’s happening, he’s stating that nothing is more important than his household.

Bill Bellamy stopped by The Breakfast Club, where he avidly spoke about his family dynamic. Since 2001, he’s been married to his wife Kristen Bellamy, and the couple shares two children. The How To Be A Player star expressed that he thought he knew his children as a father. However, the pandemic made him realize who his two children were for real, Bellamy told The Breakfast Club. The comedian jokingly viewed his kids as “really crazy” to needing “more education.” On the flip side, he shared their viewpoint of constantly being around him as he’d usually be on the road.

Bill Bellamy also states that he has learned a lot from being the father of a daughter. “Y’all know how to move early and know how to manipulate,” the comedian said, adding that it’s more of a “smooth” manipulation rather than a “mean” one.

Regarding taking jobs, Bill Bellamy speaks on the tough decisions he sometimes has to make in sacrificing time away from his family. He talks about “catching a wave” in your career and not knowing when that window of opportunity may close. However, the actor declared that no matter what, nothing could deter him from crucial moments in his family’s life.

“I didn’t care what I was doing. I was not missing the daddy-daughter dance,” Bill Bellamy stressed. He said it was an “epic moment” for her life, and he would never be the father who didn’t show up when others did. “I don’t care if I had an $80 million movie; I’m not doing it,” declared the actor. Bill Bellamy shared that he would select the jobs he was given around his family’s schedule. The comedian stated that he’d rather that than one day “waking up to nothing,” meaning losing his family.

He gave an account of comedian D. L. Hughley’s daughter’s 18th birthday party. There, Bellamy recalls Hughley became highly emotional as he expressed his wishes to be able to have done some things differently. Bill Bellamy shared that Hughley revealed how hard he’d worked yet could not reflect on memories with his daughter. At the time, his own daughter was around two years old and taking that information, he decided he would maintain a great connection with his children.

Bill Bellamy also touched on recently losing both his father and father-in-law within weeks. According to TMZ, there’s been family drama between him and his sister, Karen Bellamy, as she’d planned a memorial service at a time he could not attend. The actor attempted to have a judge stop the service from happening with a restraining order, but he was denied.  

Bellamy told The Breakfast Club that he takes things one day at a time, noting that you “don’t get over losing your parents.” However, he shares that he’s been able to cope due to his busy schedule.  Included in his schedule is the sequel to How to Be A Player, which he assures will happen. Elsewhere in the interview, Bill Bellamy detailed that he was slated to be Arsenio Hall’s replacement when his talk show went off-air. But at the last moment, Bellamy said that they pulled the plug.

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