Beyonce Has Been Banned In Many Countries For Different Reason, Singer Can’t Even Step Foot In Malayasia

She’s “Queen Bey” to many. To others, she’s known simply as “Bey” or even “Sasha Fierce.” So call Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter whatever you affectionately want to. Make sure it’s Beyhive approved tho, for you don’t want to risk an attack from the very active and defensive fanbase of their Queen. But although she’s loved and widely adored by many on the globe, you’d be shocked to know the places where Beyonce Knowles is not allowed.

Beyonce’s career hasn’t been devoid of controversy. In her own home country of the United States of America, the powerhouse superstar has come under scrutiny for things as trivial as her song “Formation,” where people felt as though she was attacking police in its accompanying music video. She’s also been an avid vocal supporter of movements that help to push the envelope forward in the proper treatment and correct justice for Black lives.

But elsewhere in the world, Beyonce’s issues stem from other reasons. For instance, the “Be Alive” singer is unable to perform in Malaysia thanks to their decency laws. In 2007, Beyonce was scheduled to perform in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a debut concert in the country. However, she had to pull the plug on the show once the strictly Muslim government issued that her clothing was too revealing and provocative.  

According to BBC Newsgovernment rules require that female performers performing in Malaysia be fully covered from “shoulders to knees.” They also add that no cleavage is allowed to be seen. Beyonce was scheduled once more in 2009 to perform in Malaysia. Still, it was again scrapped due to organizers thinking it would promote “Western sexy performances.” Multiple news outlets like Cosmopolitan have reported that she is permanently banned from entering Malaysia, much less performing.

One of Beyonce’s hits was among 100 songs to be permanently banned in another country. Much like “Formation” in the US, Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls) was banned in China. According to a report from BBC, officials found the song to be harmful to “national cultural security.” However, The Chinese Ministry issued a statement to CNN stating that the songs included in the list were not due to “illegal content.” Instead, they argue that the pieces were not submitted for proper review.

Stepping in for another seemingly senseless ban would be a man named Zahi Hawass.  Page Six claims him to be a “gatekeeper” of the Pyramids in Egypt. But he is well known for being the former head of antiquities for Egypt. Hawass placed this ban on Beyonce Knowles due to him feeling that she was “stupid and rude,” a comment that he used to describe the singer to The Independent. All this because she was late to their appointment for him to give her a tour of the pyramids in 2008.   Hawass claimed that Beyonce did not “open her mouth” to apologize for her tardiness. He then stated that Beyonce appeared with her own photographer and security guard, who almost got into an altercation with his photographer for snapping pictures. Because of this, Hawass issued a ban.

Beyonce not only had her foot heavy on the gas with her music and acting work but also with her brands. Besides her “House of Dereon” clothing line, Beyonce also had a perfume called “Heat.” In 2010, the singer produced an advertisement to promote her new fragrance that some thought was too hot for television. As a result, the seductive commercial was banned from being played before 7:30pm on all UK television. Furthermore, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority issued a statement stating that they found the advertisement unsuitable for young children due to multiple complaints.

Another one of her visuals was the cause of an international ban. Once Beyonce released the video to her, I Am… Sasha Fierce single “Video Phone,” Germany found fault. According to The Hollywood ReporterBeyonce’s visual was pulled due to a copyright claim from underwear manufacturer, Triumph, that the singer utilized a copy of the design. After taking it to court, they found it in favor of the company and issued that the video can no longer be played in the country.

Regardless of the places that Queen Beyonce may not be able to go, it’s evident that she has nothing much to worry about. Suppose you recall the popular 2001 Destiny’s Child song found off the Survivor album. In that case, Beyonce sings: There’s plenty of people who don’t like me. But there’s ten times more who love me, and I love myself.”   She’s not lying.

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