Before RHOA Drew Sidora Was An Actress and Musician, Now Ralph Is Coming For Her Money

Drew Sidora is getting divorced. The singer and actress became a reality star in recent years. Her personal life has been put on full display, and now she and her estranged husband’s divorce filings are being dissected by the media. Ralph Pittman is reportedly asking for some of the money Drew has collected over the years from her music. Let’s take a look back at her career and where some of this money is coming from.

Drew Sidora is a Chicago native who found success in the early 2000s with films like White Chicks and Step Up, as well as television shows like That’s So Raven and What I Like About You. Sidora kept busy for years with small roles on other major series like Without A Trace, The Game, Girlfriends, and more. Eventually, she scored a lead role in the VH1 biopic for TLC titled CrazySexyCool. She starred as Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and did a lot of her own singing and dancing.

Music is a big love for Drew. Most of her acting work has allowed her opportunities to sing and dance within her roles. With her inclusion in Step Up, she was also allowed two songs on the film soundtrack. “For The Love” and “Til The Dawn” came out in 2006. She also sang the title track on the soundtrack for 2007’s Three Can Play That Game. By 2008, she was signing to Trick Daddy’s Miami-based label Slip-N-Slide Records with plans to release her debut album. A lead single was issued in 2010 called “Juke It.”

Music took a back seat for a while, but in 2018 she released a single titled “Winner” independently. Last fall, she released her last song, “Already Know,” which features her and her husband Ralph on the cover. She enjoys 47k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Ralph Pittman was producing a good chuck of her music in recent years and believes he should gain 100% ownership of those records in their divorce. According to documents obtained, Pittman does not want to leave Drew with any of the music they did, as well as any income she makes from music. It is unclear if he is looking for income made off the songs she released earlier in her career too.

Ralph is also asking for joint physical custody of their three children. Drew had one child before meeting Ralph, a son named Josiah. Ralph adopted him in 2015 and the pair had two additional children together after. The documents state that Ralph wants a “parenting time schedule that permits both the Petitioner and the Respondent to experience having the children in his or her respective physical custody for an equal amount of time on a consistent basis.”

Pittman is also asking that Drew moves out of their home together since he has been the primary one maintaining the property. Pittman says he “solely made financial contributions to the maintenance and upkeep of the marital residence since the purchase in 2020 to date.” Drew has yet to respond publicly but Ralph did release a statement.

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