R&B Singer August Alsina Gives Health Update After Being Snuck By Tory Lanez and Eight Others

When Jada Pinkett Smith first divulged her relationship with August Alsina, she alleged that her connection with the R&B star was rooted in trying to help him find healing. August became a family friend through their children, Jaden and Willow, and formed a close bond with Jada centered around her desire to help him get better. Since first discussing his physical and mental health issues with Jada on the Red Table Talk, August’s struggles have been overshadowed by the drama that ensued following the full reveal of their “entanglement.” Now that he is in some new drama, Alsina is letting fans know that his health issues are far from over.

Last summer, August gave fans cause for concern after alluding to being on his “last trip around the sun.” This was in the build-up to new music, which he teased at the time might be some of his last. “It is my hope that we can enjoy each other while I’m here on my last victory lap around the sun. I’ll strive to make it as nostalgic as possible for you w/ beautiful tunes & high vibes.” While fans knew August was sick, no one knew to what extent, and he’s remained fairly quiet since.

August Alsina first revealed the severity of his illness in 2017. He explained that he had an autoimmune liver disease, which would cause him to be painfully ill a lot of the time. He said that the disease causes his liver to fight against itself constantly. Alsina confessed to not wanting to be a victim and apologized to fans if he was a bit stand-offish at times, he just did not want people to treat him like a “cancer patient.”

In the years since, Alsina has been in and out of the spotlight. He canceled some shows in 2019 after it was revealed that the disease was causing nerve damage and making it hard for him to walk or perform. Apple Music executive Karlie Hustle tweeted about it, asking fans to be kind to August because, according to insider knowledge, the singer’s disease is hard to treat and was only going to get worst.

Despite this, August seems determined to get back out and about. Unfortunately, this has resulted in even more drama surrounding him. August took to social media to reveal that he had gotten assaulted by Tory Lanez and eight others after running into the pint-sized rapper at an event. In the image, August can be seen leaning against an elevator mirror. He says that he was on doctor’s orders to interact with as few people as possible to avoid getting Covid or Monkeypox. Tory reportedly did not like that August did not shake his hand, and when he approached him, the two got into a scuffle. August revealed in his post that he was just recently paralyzed and was not out looking for any trouble when Lanez unleashed on him. August says that Tory’s crew has footage of the fight and urged them to release it. Lanez maintains his innocence and says he’s been in the studio working and has no clue what August is talking about.

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