ASAP Rocky Is Also Known As A Fashion Killa, But Many People Do Not Know He Purchases A lot of His Clothing In The Women’s Section

ASAP Rocky Is Known As Fashion Killa

A$AP Rocky’s debut album featured a single called “Fashion Killa.” The song was a foreshadowing of his trajectory because not only did the video feature his future baby momma Rihanna, but it also kicked off his long-standing relationship with high fashion. He dropped a lot of name brands in the song and, in real life, has been associated with quite a few of them as a model and spokesperson. 

His first merch line was a collaboration with high-profile fashion designer and close friend Raf Simons. He also released a line with Guess Jeans titled Gue$$ in 2016. He’s done ads for Calvin Klein and DIOR while gracing the covers of GQ and Styles magazine.  Rocky is known to take risks with fashion, often rocking bright colors, clashing patterns, and women’s clothing. 

ASAP Rocky Shops In Women’s Section

Rocky believes there’s a cheat code in shopping in the women’s section. The swaggy star likes to be the only one rocking a look and believes that by browsing through the women’s section, he gets a monopoly on clothing that other men won’t be rocking. Rocky argues that women get to wear men’s clothing all the time and feels there’s a double standard in that way. 

“When I shop, I go to the women’s section to find good pieces,” Rocky admits. “because I know that no other guys will have them. The Gucci North Face coats, the bubble jackets, those were all for females. That’s why you never saw no other guys walking around in them.”

Rocky famously rocked a kilt on his GQ cover and often dons “feminine” scarfs and headpieces. He calls his crossover into women’s fashion “punk” and declares he feels more powerful and cool when mixing up different gendered fashions. 

ASAP definitely hit the gold mine with Rihanna. Dating one of the most fashionable women on the planet means access to some truly top-tier fits. The pair played around with their gendered fashion expression at this year’s met Gala. While she donned all black and rocked a scully/durag combo more synonymous with men, Rocky wrapped himself in a giant multicolored quilt that looked more like a gown a woman would wear. 

Black Men In Dresses Is Very Controversial

While the last decade or so has seen men in hip-hop taking more fashion risks, it’s not without its controversy. A$AP Rocky joins the likes of Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Lil Nas X, who all take risks with their looks. While in the case of Nas X, it’s a choice associated with his sexuality, for the other men, it’s really just about feeling cool and trying something different.

While some men have argued that donning women’s clothes have hurt their careers, most of these men have been actors and comedians like Dave Chapelle and Brandon T Jackson. In the case of a rapper like A$AP Rocky, it seems to have done the opposite. While he has some moderate hits, much of his career has been fueled by his proximity to fashion and high-profile women like Kendall Jenner, Chanel Iman, and Rihanna.

The likes of Young Thug and Cee-Lo have also worn daring fashion that has paid off for them, resulting in signature album covers and notable red carpet moments. In the case of Kid Cudi this did not bode the same results, as some people did not love his choice to wear a dress during an SNL performance. He clapped back saying that his daughter loved it and it was an ode to Kurt Cobain. Is the tide really changing in fashion? Will more men be taking risks like A$AP? 

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