Apple Watts Is Still Alive, Despite All The Incorrect Information Circulating Social Media, According To Her Family and Friend

It’s been a confusing day for fans of Love and Hip-Hop star Apple Watts. The reality television personality is said to have suffered injuries in a car accident, with some social media accounts reporting that she has passed away from the incident. A friend of Apple Watts took to social media to say this is not true and shed some light on the rapper turned reality star’s current condition.

A close friend of Apple Watts took Instagram yesterday to declare the reality star has not passed away and asked everyone to “please stop talking and just pray.” This statement followed fake reports that the reality star had passed in the crash. They go on to remind people that Apple has children old enough to be on social media and does not want to scare or mislead them about their mothers’ condition. Watts’ Friend says she’s currently present with her and her family and declares the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ alumni to be alive and fighting for her life.

While her condition has been listed as critical by some websites, the individual says that things actually look way better in person – leaving them with more hope Apple will pull through. Fans jumped in the comments with their support and prayers. “cover this queen, lift her heal her and hold her close and keep her kids in prayer as well in Jesus name and everyone who loves her amen,” said one fan. Another said, “And she will pull through Jesus is a healer even if some don’t believe.”

Apple Watts was a cast member of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood and appeared on the show’s fifth and sixth seasons. Watts came from a troubled childhood with a mother who dealt with substance issues and an absent father. Much of her storyline focused on her trying to find her birth dad and raising her three kids, Richard, Kali, and Miyaki. Watts eventually was mentored by rapper Yo-Yo before leaving the show. Several Love and Hip-Hop castmates have sent Apple Watts well wishes.

Apple Watts current battle being clouded by a string of false information is one that seems to be consistent when it comes to the world of social media. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for sites to falsely report celebrities passing away. Last month, Hollywood Unlock’s social media accounts announced Queen Elizabeth had passed away after battling covid leaving many people confused, sad and completely upset at the level of disrespect. Although Jason Lee was pressed by angry fans to remove the information from the site until Buckingham Palace release their own statement, the founder refused to do so claiming he trust his sources and his site does not report incorrect information. The story remained on Hollywood Unlock’s social media accounts and website for days. Eventually Lee and Hollywood Unlock was forced remove the information after Queen Elizabeth resurfaced hosting a Virtual Audiences At Windsor Castle Home.

Last year when news broke DMX was hospitalized in a coma, news began to circulate that the rapper had passed away days and even a week before his actual passing. DMX’s long time friend, Steve Rifkind took to Instagram asking people to to stop spreading ‘lies’ regarding his current state at the time. Rifkind also confirmed the rapper was still on life support and the family would release more information later that day. DMX eventually passed away one week after being hospitalized.

Eminem has also been a victim of this heartless tactic. In 2020, the rapper became a hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag #RIPEminem began trending out of nowhere causing TwitterVerse to lose it. There’ no word on why a twitter user would create such a tweet without factual information, but it took off like wildfire. Eminem’s spokesperson was eventually forced to speak out and debunk the information.

R&B singer Avant began trending in 2019 when fake reports of the singer being terminally ill with six months to live went viral. To make things even worse, the site created an announcement that supposedly came from the singer himself. Avant’s management team finally cleared the air stating the reports were false and gotten out of control. Other celebrities who have faced these ridiculous stories include Will Smith, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, and Bobby Brown Our players go out to Apple Watts and her family.

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