Anthony Hamilton Under Fire For Charging Fans For A Meet & Greet, To Only Meet On Opposite Sides Of Glass

Meet and Greets are a chance for fans to connect with their favorite celebrity and share a sweet moment. Many people offer them, and usually for a higher price than the normal tickets they are selling for their shows. Meet and Greet packages can sometimes cost additional hundreds depending on who the act is. Fans of Anthony Hamilton want their money back, however, after a photo went viral of his meet and greet, which featured a large plexiglass barrier between him and his fans.

R&B singer Anthony Hamilton is currently on tour with Maxwell and Joe. Dubbed The Night Tour, the three gentlemen have been thrilling fans across the country with their stellar show. Hamilton has been giving fans an extra treat by offering meet & greet tickets to connect with him at their stops. One happy fan gifted these VIP tickets to her parents but was really upset when the pictures came back, and she saw that Anthony made her parents stand on the other side of a clear barrier. “So I gifted my parents Meet and Greet tickets to see Anthony Hamilton and Chile!! If I woulda known they were going to put Saran Wrap in between them, I wouldn’t have gotten them.”

Fans in the comments began to share their own stories of awkward meet and greet due to Covid precautions. Ashanti implements the same measure and wears a mask during the meet and greets, so all the fans’ pictures are just them, the glass and the masked up singer. “I totally understand it, but was EQUALLY heartbroken seeing my fav,” said the Ashanti fan.

It’s not just our favorite R&B stars either. A John Cena fan shared a similar photo of her posing next to him divided by a clear wall. “Uhm… me next? I’m not salty about the virus precautions. Being in the same place as my hero was a blessing.”

Unfortunately for the woman in the original post, some of Anthony’s background singers did not approve of her dragging him and jumped in her comments to defend Hamilton. According to them, all the meet & greet tickets clearly outlined that there would be a barrier between Anthony and fans to keep him safe. They also accused her of making the post for likes. “His Background singer is in your comments and SAID there was a fine print for Covid Measures lmao, so somebody lying. If you didn’t want the engagement (which you’ve stated you did), then you shouldn’t have posted.”

Whatever the case is, the virus is still very real and very much affecting concerts. Jazmine Sullivan’s highly anticipated Heaux Tales Tour has seen several dates canceled due to the singer and her team getting COVID. She had to cancel two shows in California and a few others. In her latest IG story, she confesses to still having a bad cough post symptoms and struggling with some of her songs. It seems Hamilton is justified for wanting to protect himself, but should he just cancel the meet and greets altogether?

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