Angila Baxter, Mother Of R&B Singer Sammie Bond Denied

R&B singer Sammie is still in the headlines today as updates come in on the status of his mother, Angila Baxter. The 56-year-old is behind bars after being charged for the passing of Nekaybaw Collier last Thursday. The incidents took place in Orange Country, Florida. Things do not seem to be getting any better for Baxter, as she has recently been denied bond.

Angila Baxter is said to have been a troubled woman for a while now. Sammie has opened up about his mom in the past, admitting that the way he was raised led to some issues for him over the years. “I’ve had mommy issues,” he acknowledged in an IG Live from last summer. Sammie said he had enough stories for an entire book about his relationship with Angila. Neighbors seem to confirm that Baxter was an issue as well, and have admitted to having to install cameras around their home due to some incidents from her in the past. They had reported her to authorities, but it seems like no charges were pressed. They admitted they were shocked to hear she had been responsible for Collier’s passing.

Sammie took to social media to address the story, telling fans that he could not talk about it much but wanted to send his condolences and prayers to the Collier family. “I understand the severity of the allegations, but I do not have any additional information,” he told his followers.

Baxter admitted to OPD that she indeed was the person trigger last Thursday when she thought someone was following her. One individual flagged down authorities the same day and said he had been hit by a woman in a red SUV. Another woman came forward a day later. Collier was found unresponsive in her car. The mother of two had just run out to the store to get food for her family.

Image of Nekaybaw Collier with her two children.

Baxter is being held in Orange County jail. New reports state that she has been denied bond and will stay behind bars until further notice. News outlets have reached out to Sammie, but the singer has remained quiet outside of his initial statement.

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