Angela Simmons Frustrated With Dating Men In Atlanta: “The Pickings Are ‘Different’ Out Here“

Angela Simmons is looking for love but is not having much success. The for Pastry sneaker mogul is currently living in Atlanta, where she is starring in Growing Up Hip-hop. During a recent clip with her sister Vanessa, she opens up about wanting to put herself out there and find a man but having a tough time locking someone in. Let’s take a look at her dating history and see what might be holding her back.

Angela has been on our screens since she was a young girl. Back then, she starred with her family on Run’s House. At the time, she was a tween queen who had her pick of some of the most popular boys in music. She would eventually date rapper Lil Bow Wow in 2006 and again in 2012. Despite the match seeming like a hip-hop power couple, things fizzled out pretty quickly. Now friends, the Growing Up Hip-Hop co-stars have addressed their romance with Angela recalling that Bow Wow was not ready for a serious relationship.

At one point, she was rumored to date Growing Up Hip-Hop star, Romeo Miller. The pair were spotted grabbing lunch together back in 2012 but maintained that they were just friends. One of her most serious and famous relationships would be with Sutton Tennyson. The pair met in 2016 and got engaged pretty quickly after. She would announce her engagement online, and pretty soon, she and Sutton welcomed their first child. Sutton Joseph was born, and the couple seemed to be well on their way to marriage and a happy ending. Unfortunately, things would dissolve between the pair, announcing their split in December of 2017. Sutton was rumored to be violent, and Angela is said to have filed a restraining order against him. Their custody battle seemed messy, too, with Angela Simmons being granted full custody to Sutton’s dismay. Unfortunately, they would not find a way to sort things out as Sutton life was taken on November 3rd, 2018.

Despite this devastating loss, Angela had to move on. In 2019 she was reportedly spotted with NFL player Khalil Mack. While that did not last, she would step out again in 2020 with Daniel Jacobs. The pair seemed really happy together. By 2021 they would remove all pictures of each other from their socials, signaling a split. At present, Angela is a single woman, but she does not want to be.

While talking to her sister on Growing Up Hip-Hop, Angela Simmons expresses her desire to date, get married and have more children. She is struggling to find a suitor to date and is considering freezing her eggs so that when Mr. Right comes along, she will still be able to have kids. According to her sister Vanessa Simmons however, Angela might just be playing hard to get. She points out that their mother matched Angela with a really great guy, but Angela says he was not the right fit. She says the pickings in Atlanta are “different.

Fans in the comments said, “Angela seems like she is very hard to please and that she constantly appears stuck up to me. Vanessa always tryna get the scoop and add her two cents 🤣🤣🤣🤣.” Another said, “Why is it so hard for these women to find a man! You travel all over the world. The storyline is old.”

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