Akademiks Has A History Of Inappropriate Comments, But He’s Now Claiming There’s Not Much Difference Between 17 & 20 Year-Old Girl

DJ Akademiks knows how to poke the bear. The radio personality has been known to say some really controversial things throughout his time in the spotlight. Let’s take a look at his history of inappropriate comments and see why his latest soundbite might be the most troubling. 

Akademiks Got Into A Confrontation With Woman That Didn’t End Well

Instagram model Whitney Ledawn was an interview guest on Akademiks show back in December. Akademik was very dismissive during their interview and began asking her to leave after she announced she had to go. The conversation went super left as the energy shifted, following Akademik egging her on and repeatedly telling her to “Get the [expletive] outta here.” She eventually pulled a weapon on him.  The situation did not look well for Akademik, who was criticized for being disrespectful towards the young lady and not having the same approach when talking to men. One person commented, “Vic Mensa called Akademiks a [name] to his face, and he responded with “in what sense?” A woman called him out on a podcast, and he was on his feet ready to fight, very telling.”

Akademiks Believes Immigrants Work Harder Than Black Americans In College

In another discussion with DJ Vlad, Akademiks discussed his belief that immigrants outwork black Americans in college. “Going to college was a fresh start because nobody knew each other,” he says of attending college as an immigrant. Akademiks says that by his second year of school, he began trying to figure out what his strengths were in college in hopes of leaving with a good career. Akademiks then says, “The people that work the hardest are Africans who are immigrants; they study all night. Them first-generation Indians, Asians that don’t speak any English, they’re busting their a**.” Akademiks says that the only people chilling were black Americans who went to school to hang out. “I watched what everybody else did; I wasn’t leaving until I figured that out.” 

People in the comments did not like this and felt that he belittled black Americans. “This stereotype that black Americans have no culture and are lazy is getting old. We are really our worst enemy.” said one person. Another said, “You don’t see People from European countries talking bad on White Americans. The majority of crime right now is being done by islanders; look at the drill scene in NY. All of them are of Caribbean descent.”

DJ Akademiks Says There’s Not Much Difference Between 17-Year-Old and 21-Year-Old.

Today, audio surfaced of Akademiks making comments about underage girls. He is quoted as saying, “there’s not much difference between a 20 or a 17 or 21 and a 17. Just kinda means one’s a minor and one’s not a minor.” He says he adopted a certain rule that he feels keeps him in the clear with women. “As long as a chick got a college ID, she’s getting [it].” He goes on to say he does not care if she’s 17. 

The problematic mindset has everyone looking at him sideways. Some think it is about time he exposed himself since he’s been tittering on cancellation for years. “Idk how old that audio is off Akademiks saying he’d [be] with a 17-year-old, but I hope that this is the beginning of his demise. I have been actively praying for his downfall.” Many are not surprised, considering this is the same person who commented about Bhab Bhabie when she was only 15 years old. 

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