After Being Blackballed For 12 Years, 2022 Is Proving To Be Mo’Nique’s Year After Booking In New Movie and Settling With Netflix

Mo’Nique has had a very visible 2022. While for some, it has not been her finest couple of months, for the famously embroiled comic, this is the most press she has gotten in a long time. While she’s been using every opportunity to plug her upcoming comedy shows and Starz network debut in a role given to her by 50 Cent, Mo is also celebrating another milestone that might make 2022 her best year since her Oscar win in 2009.

Mo’Nique Was Blackballed For 12 Years

After a decade of grinding on the standup circuit, Mo’Nique became a maintain on television with The Parkers. The show was well received and prepped her to make the leap to film. Mo scored the role of a lifetime with Precious, a movie directed by Lee Daniels and produced by Tyler Perry and Oprah. Despite its massive success, the movie had a small budget, and Mo’Nique expressed zero interest in campaigning for the film since she had not been paid or contracted to do so. This resulted in a rift between Mo and Daniels, which resulted in her alleging that he blackballed her in Hollwyood by telling people she was difficult and not to work with her. Although she took home an Academy Award for Precious, it would be awhile before she got any real work again. 

Since Precious, Mo’Nique Has Starred In Four Films

To date, Mo’Nique has only done four films since Precious. Her first movie after being “blackballed” was 2014’s Blackbird. Directed by Patrik-Ian Polk, Blackbird was the big-screen adaptation of Larry Duplechan’s book of the same name. It followed a gay teenager dealing with religion and sexuality in his Mississippi high school. Mo’Nique played Claire Rousseau in the film opposite Isaiah Washington, Gary LeRoi Gray, and D. Woods. 

She followed this with a role in the HBO TV film Bessie starring Queen Latifah. Mo’Nique played iconic blues singer Ma Rainey. The movie was well-received and, within a year of its release in 2015, was the most-watched HBO original film. It would eventually win a primetime Emmy for Oustanding Television Movie. Mo’Nique’s performance was loved by viewers. 

In 2016 Mo’Nique would star in Interwoven. The American drama was directed by V.W Scheich. The movie is available on Amazon and also stars Doctor Strange Actress Xochitl Gomez. It follows true stories about people struggling with homelessness.  Her last film role was Almost Christmas. The ensemble film was released in 2016, and Mo’Nique played Aunt May Deveraux Johnson-Davis opposite the likes of Gabrielle Union, Danny Glover, Kimberly Elise, and Omar Epps. 

50 Cent Revived Monique’s Career

Things got significantly quiet for Mo’Nique in the years following those roles, sans some interviews here and there. It was a discussion with TS Madison at the top of this year that made people realize that Mo’Nique was still being unfairly punished for something that happened so long ago.  Sweeping in to defend her was 50 Cent. The television mogul has a booming empire over on Starz and offered Mo’Nique a role on the series BMF this year. The pair exchanged some pleasantries online, with 50 Cent declaring to Mo, “The best way to get back at anyone you feel did you wrong is to do good.”

Mo’Nique Feud With Lee Daniels Came To An End

The karma gods were on her side because Mo’Nique also finally got the apology from Lee Daniels she had been waiting for as well in April. He joined her on stage during a show in Staten Island and declared his love for her, reminding the crowd that they were best friends. “I am so sorry for hurting you in any way that I did,” he told her in front of the crowd. 

Mo’Nique Has Several Projects On The Way

Ready to reclaim her time, Mo’Nique has been hitting the pavement in prep for upcoming roles and tours. Her beef with DL Hughley has kept her name in the headlines, but according to IMDB, she’s been quietly working behind the scenes on two films, The Reading and Demon House. Her episodes for BMF are also listed and scheduled to air this year. 

Mo’Nique and Netflix Have Reached A Settlement

In another sign of things changing, Mo’Nique has also settled her dispute with Netflix. She sued the streaming giant after believing that they lowballed her when they offered her $500k for a comedy special in comparison to the millions given to Dave Chapelle, Amy Schumer, and others. She alleged they were being racist and sexist.  While court documents confirm that the suit has been settled, the settlement terms have not been disclosed. Fans in the comments believe that this means she got paid. “She got paid under the table,” one comment read. While another stated, “Good for Monique! Aside from the DL mess, this has been a year of redemption for her! 👏🏾.”

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