Adrienne Bailon Didn’t Expect Her Journey To Motherhood To Be So Hard, But She Refuses To Give Up On Becoming A Mom

Adrienne Bailon Houghton has checked off many of the items on her life’s to-do list. She’s a multi-platinum selling artist as a former member of both 3LW and The Cheetah Girls. In addition, she’s an accomplished actress, appearing in television shows and films like Coach Carter, I’m In Love With A Church Girl, and The Cheetah Girls franchise. Not only that, but for the last nine years, Bailon has served as the co-host of The Real.  Adrienne Bailon has no doubt accomplished a lot. On top of her long list of growing achievements, she also juggles being a wife. But there’s one thing that she’s been unable to do just yet, and that’s to have a baby.

Adrienne Bailon Married Israel Houghton In 2016

Following high-profile relationships with Rob Kardashian and music executive Lenny Santiago, the 3LW singer met and fell in love with the man she’d choose to meet at the altar. Some months after calling off her engagement to Santiago, whom she dated for six years, Adrienne Bailon began dating Grammy Award-winning Gospel artist Israel Houghton.  

The couple first met while working on I’m In Love With A Church Girl, in which Israel Houghton was a producer. According to a Facebook post from the gospel singer, the two remained friends throughout the years before choosing to “explore a dating relationship.” But within six months, they found that there was no need to explore anymore. It was time to solidify their union. Following an engagement announcement in August of 2016 where Adrienne Bailon flashed an enormous and beautiful diamond ring, it would only take three months before they got married. The couple exchanged vows in Paris, a moment which left Bailon feeling overwhelmed with joyous emotion.

She told PEOPLE that she was a mix of “genuinely […] blessed and grateful,” along with “peace” and “total excitement.” Overall, Adrienne Bailon Houghton expressed that she’d “honestly never been happier in my entire life” after marrying her husband.

Adrienne Bailon Believed Becoming Pregnant Would Be Easy For Her

Through her marriage to Israel Houghton, she became a stepmother to his four children. However, Adrienne Bailon has been candid about her own adversities with becoming pregnant.  On one occasion, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning television personality shared on an episode of The Real that her pregnancy journey wasn’t what she “thought it would be.” But although she often gets discouraged, Adrienne Bailon stated that she’s “come to peace with that it’ll happen when it’s God’s timing, and I believe in that, and I have faith in all of that.” The couple has kept the heat in the bedroom going in order to expand their family, especially during the quarantine Bailon shared. “You guys, I’m taking this quarantine thing very seriously,” she said on The Real in 2020.

Despite The Setback, Adrienne Bailon Refuses To Believe This Will Be The End Of Her Story

Yes, things have been unfortunately rough in Adrienne Bailon and her husband’s attempts to get pregnant, but she has far from given up. During a recent episode of the daytime talk show, she shared that she is either “the most resilient human being or wildly delusional” in her hopes of being a mother.   Bailon added that, at times, the news of her unsuccessful attempts at IVF cycles has made her emotional. But within a day, she will bounce back into a hopeful state. “I refuse to let this be the end of my story. I know that it’s not,” she shared.   In fact, Adrienne Bailon is confident in her belief that she will get pregnant.  

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