Actress Taraji P. Henson Calls Social Media Fake

Taraji P. Henson’s interview with Angie Martinez is the gift that keeps on giving. The Hollywood vet dropped some major gems about life and healing, revealing that she is going through a tough time right now. Rather than mask or hide it like others, Henson is putting her emotions out there in hopes of helping someone else. She’s also very critical of social media culture and the perception of perfect it pushes on people.

Taraji and Angie Matinez are good friends with an undeniable chemistry. The sisters chatted about everything from success to romance, but what was heavy on Taraji’s heart was finding her happiness and helping others do it in the process. “Social media is where people post, and they live this fantasy realization. It’s not real. Nobody’s posting their pain. Nobody’s posting the day when they don’t give a f***.” Henson said too many people focus on the moments when they are “on the other side,” but no one is honest about their struggles.

Henson says to take it all with a grain of salt and says that everyone is addicted to social media. “Don’t hate it. Accept it,” she told Angie, confessing that she is addicted to all of it. Henson then practiced what she preached and admitted to being deeply unhappy in life. Rather than wallowing in it, she admits that the only way to know happiness is to experience unhappiness. She encouraged others to do the same.

Henson says that people need to focus on how they manage their addiction. She feels like she is constantly self-correcting and that sometimes it wakes her up out of her sleep. However, she is learning to give herself grace, especially when it comes to social media.

“You have to control that,” she says to Angie. The two women confess to struggling with people not always receiving their content and how it can be crushing. Elsewhere, Henson says that she also struggles with questioning her interactions with people. She thanks films like Hidden Figures for helping her connect her actions with positive results because of how it inspired people to be scientists and mathematicians.

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