Actress Regina King Breaks Silence One Year After Son’s Passing

Regina King is finally breaking her silence following the passing of her son last year. Fans have awaited word from the actress, who was very close to her son Ian Jr. The sad turn of events clearly turned her world on its head, and she is sharing a bit of hope and optimism today with her followers.

Regina King’s son Ian was a promising musician and social media influencer. Her only child with ex-husband Ian Alexander Sr, Regina and her son shared an incredible bond that was evident in everything she did. Ironically, she opened up about almost not taking the role in the film Seven Seconds due to it dealing with a mother losing her child. A chilling clip surfaced last year of King expressing how distraught she would be to lose Ian, who was standing next to her in the interview.

Ian took his own life following some posts about how social media was impacting his mental health. It was never revealed if he left any note or gave a reason to why. His mother has been mostly off the radar since, reemerging this week to honor his birthday. Calling it his “Worthday,” Regina reflects on how his absence has made her more conscious of the greater connective tissue of the world. The actress was also confident her son was present through the celebration and still alive in spirit.

“As we still process his physical absence, we celebrate his presence. We are all in different places on the planet…so is Ian,” she said in the post. The video features a lantern drifting off into the sky with an orange glow. Regina explains that orange was her son’s favorite color. “Of course, orange is your favorite color…It’s the fire and the calm,” she said in the caption. “I see you in everything I breathe. My absolute favorite thing about myself is being ….Regina the mother of Ian the GodKing.”

Fans in the comments shared their love and support. Niecy Nash commented, “My friend. I think of you often. I always pray for your strength & peace in the midst of loss and grief. I love you 🧡🧡🧡” Ava DuVernay shared a poem about oranges saying, “hold my hands above a pile of oranges as if to warm my skin before a fire.” Ian would have been 27 this week.

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