Actress Brandee Evans Reveals Her Mother Is ‘Declining’ Battling MS, While Her Career Is Finally Taking Off

Brandee Evans is an American actor, dancer and former choreographer. She stars in the series P-Valley now but got her start in smaller background roles in projects like Note to Self, Black Coffee, and Beyond the Lights. She also had a minor role in the New Edition Story before going on to play Tina Brown in The Bobby Brown Story. 

Because of Evans’s background in dance, she is able to perform a lot of her own stunts in P-Valley. “A lot of times, yes, it is [me dancing],” she told Digital Spy. “However, our amazing choreographer, Jamaica Craft, does have wonderful doubles for all of us actors. I definitely do a lot of my stunts, but we do have our amazing body doubles for certain moves.

Brandee Evans has endured some tragedies in her life. A few years ago, she was preparing to start her family and was married and pregnant. Unfortunately, her baby would be a stillbirth at 39 weeks. Shortly afterward, her husband was deployed, and they separated. She then lost her job too as a cheer coach.

The tragedies pushed Brandee to go harder for her dreams. “I’ve now lost my husband. I’ve lost my job, and I’ve lost my daughter,” she recalls of her life at the time. She tells Madamnoire that she decided to go to California and try her hand at dancing again. “So I took a vacation to LA, and when I would take dance classes, it would just make things better.”

Brandee Evans may have lost her daughter and husband, but she still had her mother, Diana Harrington, and her mom needed her. Harrington was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and early onset Alzheimers. She became immobile from the waist down, so Evans became her primary caregiver. “I’ve been caring for my mother for I don’t know how many years. I taught dance classes in order to [get enough] money to get her out of a nursing home and make life better for her,” she told Elle Magazine

She shared a video in 2016 of her mother’s programs and on her journey relocating from Memphis to Los Angeles. In the caption, she said, “I am aware that this will be the hardest job I have ever done. I am aware that my lifestyle will change. I accept this challenge.” She created a GoFundMe at the time to help her raise funds to relocate her mom and take care of her. 

Brandee Evans Reveals Her Mom Is Declining With MS

Brandee Evans has put up a long fight to give her mother a good life. Unfortunately, things are continuing to decline for her mom, and Brandee admits that it is difficult. During an interview with Wendy Williams with Sherri Shepherd, Brandee states, “It’s bittersweet because she is declining with MS. I know that deep down, she knows what’s going on. [She also has] early on set Alzheimer’s, so she can’t remember but I remember for her”

In an interview with Essence, Brandee discussed the toll of filming the first season of P. Valley and being a caregiver to her mother stating, ‘I Would Come Home At 4 In The Morning And Change Diapers‘. The actress says that she asked God for an opportunity to be able to provide for her mother and live her dreams and that P-Valley was a blessing for her because it allowed her to do both. 

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