Actor Taye Diggs Emotionally Reveals He’s In Love With Apryl Jones

Hollywood couples are always a shock. You never know who will end up together, and it is often the most unlikely pairs that become the most polarizing and enduring. Actor and Broadway star Taye Diggs has had his share of high-profile women. His current lady, Apryl Jones, has also been around for a bit with some of music’s most eligible bachelors. So what brings this pair together, and is it the real thing? Let’s take a look at recent comments from Taye about his new lady.

Taye Diggs exploded into the spotlight a taken man. After getting his start on Broadway in the mid-’90s, he would meet ex-wife Idina Menzel while they both starred in RENT. They would go on to marry in 2003 and welcome their son Walker six years later. As their stars both continued to rise, things became harder to manage, and the duo called it quits in 2013. “We were friends to start out with, but especially when you have a kid in the mix, there’s no time for any negativity,” Diggs said on their relationship after their divorce.

Diggs would eventually start dating Amanza Smith of Selling Sunsets. They would be together for five years before splitting. Smith explained that being Taye’s first relationship so quickly after the divorce was a bad idea, and she knew it would never work out.

Apryl Jones is most famous for her relationship with R&B star Omarion. The two share two children and a pretty tumultuous co-parenting situation. Apryl has been very open about her time with Omarion, admitting that she only joined the show Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood to help him combat rumors about his sexuality. In the time since their split, it seems they’ve struggled to be cordial, and she says she is often served with court documents by Omarion with a possible connection to the custody of their children. Jones would go on to date his former group member Lil Fizz, a move that made many people question her morals. Eventually, Jones would be linked to Dr. Dre during his divorce, and for a time, she is said to have dated rapper The Game as well.

At the beginning of this year, Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs began popping out together, holding hands and sporting big smiles. The couple quickly made things IG official, and they have not been shy to share videos of themselves joking around and being romantic. People seem to really enjoy them together, and they are very happy to share in their courting of one another and how their relationship is developing. Fans have said in the comments, “Please stay together if you’re together… I love this union SO MFN MUCH”. Another chimed in with, “You stole the thoughts out of my head. I sooo much agree”.

Taye agrees and wants us to know that he is very serious about continuing to grow with Apryl by his side. In a video posted online, Taye Diggs went on to list Apryl Jones as one of the things he is most thankful for on his journey. “This woman is in love with me,” he said proudly. He lists her with his son and his career amongst the things he feels blessed for. He thanks God and shows off his lady while she giggles in the background and pinches his face. The two are adorable, and fans seem to be really happy that they’ve found each other. “I love this and them together. Love always wins.”

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