Actor Morris Chestnut Declares Sanaa Lathan Was A Better Kisser Than Her Best Friend, Regina Hall

Best Man: The Final Chapter features a who’s who of black cinema. Coming on the heels of two successful movies, the franchise has reunited its star-studded cast for a final story of love and friendship. Starring Morris Chestnut, the beloved actor has had the pleasure of doing several films with his co-stars. He’s been the love interest for both Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall in the past and claims that one of them is a better kisser than the other.

In Best Man, Morris Chestnut plays Lance Sullivan. Sullivan is a running back for the New York Giants and is gearing up to marry Mia Morgan, played by Monica Calhoun. In the film, he is only friends with Sanaa Lathan’s Robyn and Regina Hall’s Candace “Candy” Sparks. As the series progresses, we see their natural chemistry grow, making their friendships very believable and organic. This chemistry would carry over into other films.

Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall would star opposite each other in 2016’s When Th Bough Breaks. The movie is a psychological thriller by Jon Cassar. Morris and Regina play a married couple who decided to have a baby by surrogate. The woman hired to carry their child develops feelings for Morris, and things become deadly. Morris and Regina are real-life friends, so during promo, they joked about meeting on the set of Best Man. Regina played an exotic dancer, so their first meeting meant she was practically naked walking on set. It was her first film and she described being excited to meet him and all her friends fawning over the actor.

A year prior, Morris would reunite with Sanaa for another thriller called The Perfect Guy. In this film, Sanaa finds herself being stalked by Michael Ealy’s character after they break up. Morris Chestnut plays a previous love interest she decides to rekindle things with, only for things to get scary between everyone and result in Chestnut’s character being murdered.

Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall are actually real-life best friends and played sisters in Love & Basketball. The women show each other a ton of support and hardly ever seem in competition, despite often having to go up for the same roles. Lathan says that she was initially asked to audition for Hall’s role in The Best Man. She decided not to because she was not ready to bare her body for the role. Luckily her friend got it, and the girls have been able to work together for years.

While doing press together for The Perfect Guy, Lathan decided to put Morris in the hot seat and ask who was a better kisser between her and Regina. Morris laughed and exclaimed, “wow,” while leaning back in his seat. When egged on by Sway, a giggly Morris Chestnut tried to dodge the question but eventually came around to it. “I’ll be honest; Sanaa was a better kisser.”

The whole studio said, “woahhhhh,” and laughed while he sipped his coffee and kept saying, “wow.” Despite his chemistry with the ladies, Morris has been happily married for years.

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