Actor Miguel A. Nunez Learns The Hard Way, You Can’t Walk Out Grocery Store Without Paying For Groceries

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. is a well-known actor. Despite years on our screens, it seems he might have recently fallen on hard times. Nunez was accused of shoplifting over $100 in food items and was taken into custody days later when he “returned to pay for them.” He recently shared his side of the story. Let’s take a look at what happened.

According to TMZ, Miguel A. Nunez Jr. was at a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles. The Jawanna Mann star was at the checkout line when his credit card got declined. It is reported that Nunez Jr. simply walked out the door after realizing his card was not working and took his grocery items with him. Miguel is said to have come back to the same location several days later, when he was detained by store employees until law enforcement arrived. The officers cited him for misdemeanor shoplifting and let him go. He did have to go down to the station and was let off with a ticket.

At the time, Miguel Nunez says that he had every intention of paying for his items. The incident took place at the height of the coronavirus, and between the long lines and having to stand six feet apart, he simply did not feel like waiting. When he returned to pay his $200 bill, the store manager refused his money and called the law enforcement. While speaking with Vlad TV last year, Miguel caught up with fellow comedian Luenell who asked him to open up more about the grocery store incident. Miguel jokes that he did not realize he was famous until the incident happened and was all over the press. “Little ignorant woman would make me stand outside and had a 3000 line outside,” he said about the Ralphs.

Miguel said that between the line, the woman, and his credit card not working, he was just fed up that day. When he asked if he could come back and pay for his items, the woman told him he would have to get back on line again. “So, why can’t I just leave it here and go get the card?” he asked. When the woman said no, Nunez promptly walked out with his items. Nunez clarified that he came back later to pay, and the lady said no. “Cause by then, you had stolen the groceries,” Luenell says.

Miguel says that the officers thought the whole thing was silly and said that he helped himself by trying to come back and pay. After the situation, Miguel and Ralph’s made up and held an event together. “We did a good thing because we got in touch with Ralphs and did a drive and raised like $3000.” Luenell called Miguel’s action the “blackest thing he’s ever done.”

Miguel says this is not his first time not wanting to follow the rules. He says he pays thousands every month in parking tickets because he refuses to park far from his home and instead just parks by the fire hydrant. “My knees are bad,” he argues. Luenell warned the actor that it’s still considered shoplifting because he left with the items without paying. The whole situation is behind the actor now. According to his IMDB, Migul Nunez currently has thirteen upcoming projects.

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