Actor John Amos Son, K.C. Amos Arrested

John Amos’ children continue to duke it out. After the “Good Times” actor landed in the hospital last month from suspected elder abuse, his children KC and Shannon became prime suspects as they both tried to expose each other as the one behind their father’s abuse. KC is now behind bars, however, as it is being reported that he began sending threatening messages and photos of guns to his sister.

John Amos’ daughter took to social media to launch a GoFundMe several weeks back after receiving the news that her father was in ICU. At the time, she did not name names but let her father’s supporters know that he had been living in inhabitable circumstances while someone was spending all his money.

Days later, her father and brother came forward with a statement claiming that Shannon was lying and demanded the fundraiser be shut down. KC began using his social media to taunt his sister, claiming she tried to do something similar when he was their late mother’s caretaker.

While some supported KC, others felt his behavior was suspicious. This was later coupled with reports that KC had a drug problem and was possibly using his father’s fortune to fund his addiction.

Shannon maintained her silence until this week when she revealed that her brother has been sending her concerning messages. In several of them, he bragged about his gang affiliation while sending photos of guns. In one message, he can be seen firing a gun into a field while telling Shannon, “Gonna sleep much better tonight big sis.”

Shannon has updated fans, letting them know that KC has been issued a cease and desist. In addition, his decision-making power has been taken away and he no longer represents their father. Shannon also revealed that KC has always been diagnosed as bipolar in the past.

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