Actor Cory Hardrict Blindsided By Fans Who Claim Wife, Tia Mowry Has A New Boyfriend, Actor Reacts

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict have been separated for months now. The pair went their different ways back in October, and Tia has been promoting her new life as “me time.” However, it looks like she might be making space in her solo time for a new boo. Is Tia really back out here dating? How does Cory feel about it?

Fans of the pair could not believe that they would break up after over a decade together. Tia seems to have initiated the split, really pouring herself into this “new chapter” of her life. This had included months of posts about self-care, creating more space for the things she loves, and focusing on her kids. Meanwhile, Cory has been focusing on his acting career with his series All America: Homecoming.

Tia addressed their split during an episode of Jenna and Hoda. According to Tia, while she still has love for Cory and cherished their time together, she felt like she was getting lost in the marriage. She considered their split a “graduation” and said that the marriage was not a failure. “I feel like women, we tend to focus on everybody else’s happiness, making sure that everybody else is okay — meaning our children, our friends, our family.”

Cory has mostly remained quiet, only addressing things in social media comments when they catch his attention. This included him informing fans that he did not cheat, despite many accusing him of stepping out on Tia. Cory also took to his IG live to declare his love for his wife and children, making some believe he was pushing back and trying to stay together.

When divorce documents hit the net, it appeared he was actually trying to fight against their prenup and had asked that a version of it not be considered during the split. It’s unclear how they are moving forward with the split, but the family did come together for the holidays to show a united front. “Family will ALWAYS be Family. Merry Christmas from our family to yours,” she said in the caption.

Fans seemed to take the photo as a sign of hope and said, “I know we should mind our business, but you know we’re over here hoping for reconciliation. Merry Christmas to ya’ll.”

Unfortunately, this does not seem like the case as the pair have continued down their separate paths. Tia is busy launching new business ventures, including her 4UByTia, a haircare line for women with curly hair. She also continues to do work in the culinary world with Spice By Tia Mowry.On Cory’s end, this has meant continuing to promote All American.

He also announced to fans that he would be returning to The Chi soon via an IG Live. Flirty fans asked him to flash his abs and complimented his nose. They also asked questions about him and Tia before blindsiding the actor and asking if he knew about her new boyfriend. Cory immediately shut it down, saying he does not know about a new man and does not care.

“I don’t know nothing bout no boyfriend. I don’t pay it no mind let it go. God is good,” he told fans before changing the subject.

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