Actor Anthony Anderson and His Mother’s Has A Very Close Relationship

Anthony Anderson has been in the spotlight for a long time now. The Black-ish star is a beloved television dad now and, as one, has been welcomed into people’s lives in new and fun ways. This includes a series of projects featuring his mother, Doris Hancox Bowman. Let’s take a look at Mama Doris and her relationship with her son. 

Anthony Anderson has been enjoying watching his mother embrace the love of the public. Anthony’s mother is his co-host for the series “To Tell The Truth” on ABC. The show is described as “A celebrity panel questions contestants in an attempt to determine the actual person associated with a story.” The series has run in several incarnations before, with Anderson and his mom stepping in for the latest edition of it. 

While promoting it back in October, Anderson revealed that before his success in Hollywood, his mother had also been pursuing acting and fame. “This is what my mother wanted to do as a kid growing up. She wanted to be an entertainer. Unfortunately for her, she’s a horrible actress, so it never happened, and she will tell you that,” he joked on the Today show. 

Instead, he is helping her thrive as a personality instead, and the two are also starring in “Anthony Anderson and Mom: European Vacation” on E!. When asked how he is able to mix family and business, Anderson says that he does not mind and jokes that the network can write a bigger check for his mother than he could. Anthony says he does not mind using his success to give his mother a chance she did not get before and has been enjoying watching her be comfortable in her skin. “I’m able to give my mother the opportunity that she never got.”

Anthony and his mother also partnered for a series of commercials. This includes a 2020 Super Bowl halftime show slot for T-Mobile. They also collaborated on a spot for Smirnoff. He captioned their commercial, “When it comes to @Smirnoff, Mama don’t play! #ad #justakidfromcompton.”  The hilarious mother/son duo show off their chemistry on social media as well. In one photo of his mom and Janet Jackson, Anderson is barely in frame and jokes that his mother pushed him out of the way. “Moms used me to get the photo; then she pushed me out of the photo. Thank you @janetjackson #amotherslove #justakidfromcompton #huskyandhandsome.” 

Anderson and his mother are so close that he opened up about how she helped teach him how to perform orally for his partners. During an interview with Conan O’Brien, Anderson said that his mother put on a tutorial class for both him and his friends on how to properly service a woman with your mouth. Anthony said there were females present as well, and Mama Doris told them what they should be expecting from the men and their lives and to not settle. 

Mama Doris joins Jim Jones’s mother, Mama Jones, who also confessed to teaching her son how to “treat a lady” when he was younger. 

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