A Popular Love and Hip Hop Star Reveals They’re Interested In Being Intimate With TS Madison

TS Madison has had one of the most interesting trajectories of the last decade. The transwoman began her public career as an adult entertainer and social media fixture but could be heading to one of the biggest reality television franchises of all time based on her recent campaigns. While she might have her eye set on one series, a key figure from another has just given her a storyline opportunity that she might have to take if she’s that ready to get on our screens. 

TS Madison is an Atlanta-based social media star who got her start on the now-defunct app Vine, which also helped Quinta Brunson launch her career. At the time, Madison was a successful adult entertainer with her own production company and went viral after revealing her body to shocked viewers. The viral clip sparked public interest in her and her big personality, amongst other things. Madison would enjoy a few years of underground notoriety before making her mainstream aspirations fully clear. 

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Madison began working with World of Wonder, the company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race. She did a series of short-form videos for their Youtube channel and app while growing her own Youtube Audience. She partnered with rapper Khia for the series The Queen’s Court, where they reviewed hot topics and interviewed guests. This spun off into her own version of the show after a falling out with Khia and continued interest in her and her brand. 

Madison continued to grow her platform, eventually scoring small roles in films like Zola and Bros. She also began appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a guest judge before becoming a recurring judge on the show’s 15th season, which just began airing. Madison is the first transwoman to star in and produce her own reality series, The Ts Madison Experience, and also hosts her own talk show, Turnt Out with TS Madison, on Fox Soul. By far, her biggest crowning achievement might be her voice being sampled on Beyonce’s last album Renaissance. Madison can be heard on “Cozy,” speaking about different shades of black people. 

Madison has been quietly campaigning to get on Real Housewives of Atlanta. While recently attending an event hosted by Kandi Burruss, Maddy posed with a peach. She captioned the post, “Get ready housewives of ATLANTA because a new housewife is on the way.” Kandi can be heard cheering, “Yes Hunny, a peach looks good on you!” Maddy then tweeted the show and Andy Cohen, making it known she is definitely interested. 

If TS Madison is ever offered a role on Real Housewives of Atlanta she would become the first transgender woman to do so. For many years, many cast mates from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta have introduced the world to ‘friends’ LGBTQIA community+. Some of the cast mates have even faced rumors surrounding their spouses sexuality. Nonetheless, TS Madison would be an interesting pic. If not, Madison should maybe consider Love & Hip-Hop instead, after a recent advance from Shekinah Jo.

While interviewing the reality star for her Fox Soul series, Madison and Shekinah discussed their preferences. According to Shekinah she has no interest in women and only likes hen. TS Madison also says she’s only attracted to men, while referring to herself as a heterosexual transgender woman. TS also reminded Shekinah of the time the reality star seen her in her birthday suit and was somewhat turned on.

Shekinah was not shy about this revelation at all before admitting, “any woman would let you [expletive] while sipping her drink. Could the duo be on to a storyline? 

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