A Look At Rapper Tyga’s History Of Debt and Lawsuits

Tyga lives a pretty lavish life. The successful rapper and social media influencer is known for his over-the-top videos, parties, and purchases. So many might be surprised to hear that he also has a history of debt. Could Tyga just be flossing for the gram, or is he really the rich rapper he portrays online?

Back in 2015, while he was still dating Kylie Jenner, it was reported that Tyga was having some financial issues behind the scenes. The “Rack City” hitmaker owed a whopping $70k in back rent on a Calabasas home that he was staying in. He was also asked to vacate the premises, but Tyga fought back. According to him, he had actually put down $200k to purchase the home and was in the process of paying it off. Despite this information, he was still asked to abide by the judge’s rules until everything was settled.

That same year he was asked to pay $80k on an additional home in the same neighborhood that he was previously renting. A source at Celebrity Networth confirmed at the time that despite Tyga having the funds, he was irresponsible with his money. “I would estimate he has about $1 million in cash in the bank, but everything else is on credit. He makes a lot of money, but he’s not doing intelligent things with it,” the rep stated.

Several years later, he was back in the same position. In 2020, Tyga was sued for $200k by a landlord who claimed he owed back rent and damaged a home he was renting. They claimed he made holes in the floors and damaged wallpaper and murals. Tyga’s lawyer fired back, saying, “the landlord’s claims are categorically frivolous and nothing more than a charade to get the rapper to give up on getting his security deposit back.” Tyga also took to social media to post a video of how he left the property with the captions, “looks nice to me” and “no damage here.”

A year later, he was slapped with a lawsuit from a furniture company who alleged that he breached their contract and owed $27k. He paid the company to stage a home for him but skimmed out on the final payment. Around the same time, he was also being accused of beating up ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson.

This year brings with it new claims that Tyga is bad at paying his bills. The rapper drives a handful of expensive cars but has not been making his payments on them. He’s being sued for $1.3 million in connection to two cars he stopped making payments on. RadarOnline reports, “Choice Motors Credit has demanded Tyga (real name: Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson) cough up the money they were awarded as part of a 2016 lawsuit over a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador and 2014 Bentley Mulsanne.”

Tyga was initially only responsible for $390k on the Lambourgini and another $91k on the Bentley but racked up a mountain of interest in the time since for non-payment.

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