A Look At Rapper T.I. and Tiny’s 12-Year Marriage From Family Hustle To Rumored Romances

T.I. and Tiny’s relationship has been one for the history books. The power couple both found success in music before becoming staples in reality television. Their blended family and unconventional union has always been a topic of discussion by fans, as the duo have been rumored to have a very unorthodox relationship. What is known about their bedroom antics and some of the women they’ve entertained?

T.I. and Tiny have been together for a long time now. They celebrated their 12-year wedding anniversary last summer with a big vacation and, of course, a social media post. In it, Tiny calls T.I. the man of her dreams and thanked him for loving her the way that he has for 21 years. “After 21 years, we find a way to be in love like we just met. U are 4ever my King. Thank you for ALL that u do for me & our family! U just get better & better with time & all for our love.”

T.I. and Tiny have a large family with children they had before meeting and several children that they share together. Combined with their busy careers, growing businesses, and more, it’s incredible they have been able to stay together and happy. The duo says that counseling has been a big help for them over the years, especially at a time when they were considering divorce. “We have a lot of love for each other, and that love really never goes anywhere,” she told People magazine in 2019. “I think counseling helps. It was a big thing. It’s really a great thing to have someone that you can talk to.”

In addition to counseling, the couple is rumored to also enjoy the company of additional women in their bedroom. This is said to be a huge part of their dynamic and something that many people are aware of. This would eventually spill over in a scandal at the top of 2021 when a family friend exposed the couple’s intimate details and alleged that they often courted women together and against their will. Allegations of them persuading people with money and trips forced VH1 to halt production on their reality show for a while.

While the couple has since taken the matter to court, others have discussed the rumors of T.I. and Tiny’s open relationship in the media. Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger shared a single with T.I. back in 2007 called “Whatever U Like.” While they shared some steamy chemistry in the video, it is unclear if T.I. ever tried to get her over to his place for a fun time with Tiny. Either way, she made it clear she knows about their antics in a 2019 interview with Ladygang. When host Becca Toobin revealed that T.I. invited her over for dinner, Nicole said, “I’m sure they did,” while laughing and grinning.

Rob Kardashian also spilled some information on T.I., Tiny, and his baby mother, Blac Chyna. Rob claims that T.I. paid Blac Chyna money to have an intimate evening with him and Tiny when she was younger. He leaked this information after T.I. tried to clown him for discussing his issues with Chyna online. Rob said that Chyna told him everything about the occurrence and that T.I. and Tiny should be ashamed of themselves.

T.I. would eventually respond, calling Rob a snitch. “Don’t tell women’s business. That’s bad. That’s very, very bad. Poor character. Flawed, you know what I mean?” T.I. told TMZ when they caught up with him in 2017. T.I. says that Rob betrayed Chyna’s trust and would have a hard time finding another woman after exposing her secrets to social media. The desire to keep their private life private is reportedly what resulted in the falling out between Tiny and Shekinah.

Shekinah did several social media rants trying to defend her friends during the height of their public scandal. In them, she, unfortunately, confirmed what people had already suspected, then tried to backtrack in a series of teary lives. “I don’t have women in my bedroom!” she said to her followers. Shekinah was accused of recruiting women for T.I. and Tiny. “I don’t know nothing about that lifestyle; that’s not me,” she told her followers.

Shekinah says she does not know about Tiny’s private affairs to be able to find women for her and T.I.

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