A look At Former Child Star Orlando Brown’s Troubled 2022

Orlando Brown’s 2022 has been one of his most troubling years. The former Disney star’s fall from grace has been swift and tragic. Every time he seems to be finding his way, he gets lost again . With so many outlets now for him to be interviewed, he has taken every opportunity to “go viral” despite pleas from everyone for him to find help. He’s landed himself in trouble yet again, so let’s take a look at his year and what the latest fiasco is.

The pandemic brought with it some hope for Orlando Brown, who seemed like he had finally decided to get some help. He joined a church and shared a video online of him confessing to substance issues and being “addicted to the internet.” His fiance had apparently asked him to get help, but it seemed that by the top of this year, he was back off his rocker. Brown kicked off the year with a series of strange interviews confessing to having intimate relationships with several male celebrities including Bow Wow, Snoop Dogg, Nick Cannon, and Soulja Boy.

While talking with Funny Marco, Brown said he had been intimate with Bow Wow aka Shad Moss and that the “Bounce With Me” rapper had bomb [expletive]. Bow Wow immediately shut him down and demanded he went and got help. By the summer, he was acting up on Instagram, leaving weird comments under Tisha Campbell Martin’s photos saying “let me lick it” and leaving tongue and water emojis in her comments. While many found it funny, some realized it was a cry for help and said, “I pray he gets the help he needs 🙏🏾.”

Orlando Brown then set his sights on Snoop Dogg, claiming that the rapper’s choice to wear headwraps made him “look like somebody’s auntie.” At the time, Brown said that his online rants had landed him in trouble and that his accounts had been seized. He also said his son was taken away, and his wife was silenced.

He was eventually pulled from Instagram and had to create a new account. At the time, he admitted to knowing this would happen and said he was using his “divine permission” to expose certain things that meant he needed to put his “life on the line.” He accused Faizon Love of getting him banned but said, “It’s cool, man. Through the grace of god, I’m a man of faith; hopefully, the owner of Instagram will be like, ‘what the hell, Nah!’ Got to get him his Instagram back!'”

The last time we saw Brown, he was having a full emotional breakdown on Cam Capone’s Youtube channel. The actor was crying and sweating while he expressed his paranoia towards people trying to harm him. In the time since, it’s been reported that he was homeless and living with his brother. Today, new mugshots surfaced of Brown, confirming that he was recently taken into custody.

Brown was taken into custody in Lima, Ohio after chasing his brother, Matthew with a hammer claiming he ‘violated’ his wife. According to Matthew, the former child star is homeless and refuse to move into a homeless shelter, so he’s been living at his home in Ohio. Matthew claims the former actor began acting crazy before he began to approach him with the objects.

Update: Despite the Matthew telling law enforcement Orlando is his brother, they are not ‘blood’ related.

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