A Look At 90s R&B Singer Mary J. Blige’s Dating History From K-Ci to Case

Mary J Blige is living the lyrics to her single “No More Drama.” The vocalist has been divorced for a few years now and is not looking to go back toward anything remotely negative or resembling her marriage. While fans are eager to see if she will give herself a second chance at love, we’re going to take a lot back at the many men who blew their chance with Ms. Blige.

Mary J. Blige’s last album Good Morning Gorgeous was an ode to self-love and overcoming heartache. She’s had years of it, stemming all the way back to her relationship with Jodeci frontman K-Ci. The powerhouse vocalists seemed like an ideal match as label mates and hip-hop/soul pioneers. Unfortunately, both substance and physical abuse lead to a dynamic that Blige described as “hellish,” claiming that she did not love herself at the time and attracted someone who was equally knee-deep in self-loathing.

Despite collaborating on music and performing around the world together, it was clear the pair was in turmoil. Blige complained of infidelity and domestic violence that eventually drove her away. “I kept getting the same lesson over and over and finally knew there was something I had to learn.”

While her relationship with K-Ci eclipsed much of her career in the ’90s, there are rumors that Blige also got cozy with Tupac Shakur and Death Row vocalist Danny Boy. Danny Boy recently revealed that while Mary was getting close to Pac, she was also hooking up with him. Danny was only 16 at the time, and Blige was 24. “Mary was Pac’s girl. At the time, she was my girl. I’m 15, 16 years old. She’s flying me in to see her,” he confessed.

Mary would later find what she thought was her happy ending in music executive Kendu Issacs. Introduced by Queen Latifah, Issacs and Blige hit it off, and he became her muse and manager. Issacs would end up burning a hole in Blige’s finances and cheating on her with other women. Rumors that Kendu and Blige had an open marriage have persisted, with Kendu falling for one of their side chicks. When it was all said and done, Blige was left broke and paying in 30k a month in spousal support following their 2017 divorce.

Mary had another famous ex that most of us did not know about. While we could hear her voice all on the backgrounds of his hit record, “Touch Me, Tease Me,” most of us did not know that Mary and singer Case briefly dated.Case courted Mary during a studio session and says they wrote several songs together before dating. “You know how that goes,” he added. “You’re doing music; it just turns into ‘Hey…’ I don’t think she planned [it], but I was scheming all along. Then we had an affair [laughs].”

Case admits that he blew things with Mary because of his cheating. Mary’s cousin was on tour with him and reported back all the things he saw. Blige promptly kicked Case to the curb.

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