A Look At K-Ci & JoJo’s JoJo Hailey’s Troubled History Following Groups Latest Performance

The fellas of Jodeci have had a long, storied history with health and substance abuse. Brothers K-Ci and JoJo would go on to become the breakout stars but would see their careers stalled following issues with their declining health. While recent years have seen them take stages for their adoring fans, one performance has many worried for JoJo.

JoJo’s latter life has been explored through the storyline of his daughter Sakoya Wynter on Growing Up Hip-Hop. The series showed his family displaying concern over the state of his health, which, much like his brother K-Ci’s, had declined over the years. K-Ci had a stroke in 2018, and JoJo is said to have had some health scares over the years too. This included problems with his pancreas due to excessive drinking. Unfortunately, it appears the singer is still facing similar issues.

JoJo told TVOne recently, “The only thing that’s going on with me now—and I thank God I’m still here able to talk to you again—is my pancreas. I drank so much until a small part of my pancreas had ate away. That’s no pain you want to feel. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.” JoJo revealed that the situation educated him on the real struggles of alcoholism. “it’s an illness,” he said. He recalled going into a seizure after he stopped drinking because his body went into a withdrawal.

JoJo and his brother have been back out on the road performing their greatest hits and recently stopped by the MGM National Harbor with the rest of Jodeci for a show. While attempting to sing a song, JoJo appears to struggle as his brother holds him up. K-Ci can then be heard saying, “we got this,” before finishing the song for them.

People in the comments worried what this could mean for JoJo and if his health is back on the decline. “Jojo was clearly not ready to perform. I won’t speculate. Prayers up to him,” said one fan. “Pray for Jojo from Jodeci he’s going through it! Was clearly in a bad state last night,” said another one. In a follow-up video, JoJo can be seen getting helped into a chair to continue the show.

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