A Look At Janet Jackson’s Cosmetic Work Throughout The Years Has One Surgeon Concerned

Janet Jackson’s famous face might be falling apart. The youngest Jackson has always been a symbol, but the years are beginning to weigh on her. She and her siblings are known for their cosmetic work, and Janet’s signature nose has always been her staple. Could it be collapsing after years of surgery?

The Jackson family have historically been at odds with their natural features. Their full noses and brown skin have noticeably changed over the years. Obviously, Michael Jackson was the most dramatic example of this. The Jackson 5 frontman began experimenting with his hair texture and nose at an early age. By the time he dropped his landmark album, Thriller, Michael was beginning to look like a completely different person. Vitiligo also played a part in his drastically changing image. By the ’90s, Michael was unrecognizable with white skin, straight hair, and an augmented nose and chin.

While Michael denied the extensive work he was accused of, a Los Angeles surgeon alleges that Michael was a frequent customer and came to their practice “every two months.” “He had multiple surgeries,” Dr. Wallace Goodstein told PEOPLE Magazine in 2009. “He came in approximately every two months. It was about 10 to 12 surgeries in two years while I was there.” At some points, Jackson’s nose appeared to be falling apart. There are famous pictures of him on trial with his nose peeling right off his face.

Latoya Jackson has also gotten extensive work. She and Michael seem to have been visiting the same doctors because their faces evolved in a similar fashion over the decades. Latoya has invested in a slimmer nose, smaller waist, and bigger bust. Before and afters are shocking to say the least. Ironically, Latoya has been critical of Michael’s work over the years and blamed their father for the way the family internalized issues with their physical appearances.

Janet Jackson is the youngest of the clan and the biggest star in the family after Michael. Her appearance has been criticized extensively throughout her career. Janet’s weight fluctuations have been cause for constant scrutiny, and over the years, she has evolved quite a bit as a result. By the ’90s, Janet had achieved sex symbol status, and whatever work she had done was working for her.

The last decade or two have seen Janet less visible thanks to the Super Bowl fiasco and her starting a family. She’s been stepping out a bit more in preparation for an upcoming tour and is beginning to look a little more like Michael and Latoya. Sites noted in 2017 that Janet’s augmented nose appeared to be collapsing. Her nostrils were drooping, and her side profile looked different. A plastic surgeon surmised that Janet’s nose could be suffering from years of work.

New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman told Page Six, “It appears that there is some nasal collapse and some retraction of the nostrils. This may be the result of multiple previous surgical procedures that has caused injury to the underlying cartilage support of the nose.”

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