A Look At Cynthia Bailey’s Relationship History Following Divorce From Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey is back on the market and opening up about her quest for love and past suitors. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star just got divorced and is returning to the series as a “friend” to give people a sneak peek of what her dating life looks like these days and some of the men who have courted her in the past. She recently revealed one lesser-known love connection from her earlier years in Hollywood.

Cynthia Bailey’s first big relationship was as the real-life love interest of heartthrob Leon. The popular actor is beloved by women, and for a while, his main squeeze was a pre-housewives Cynthia Bailey. The duo share one child together, Noelle. She and Leon have remained great friends despite their romantic relationship ending. Leon has been a constant for her, and she thanked him for being a source of comfort during her divorce from Peter Thomas.

In a 2016 interview, she said, “Leon has always been very supportive of me and anything that involves my happiness. Not only is he Noelle’s dad, he is my friend. I can always depend on his love and support.” Cynthia and Peter Thomas’s relationship was a big part of her arc on Real Housewives. The duo was married in a television special, and we watched for seven years as they tried to make their relationship work. Unfortunately, issues with business and rumors of infidelity would drive the pair apart.

Fans were not surprised when they split and actually saw it coming, with the two frequently at odds on the show. At the time, Peter was blindsided by the actual divorce because he believed that he and his wife were only separated. The split was petty, and the two even sued each other over some shared property, but they’ve since dropped it and gone their separate ways. Cynthia Bailey would meet her next husband, Mike Hill, on a dating segment of the Steve Harvey Show. The pair hit it off and quickly rushed into marriage and blended their families. Despite Mike Hill’s history of cheating, Cynthia celebrated how alike they were and how much she felt like she had found her soulmate.

Unfortunately, the duo spent the entirety of their first wedding anniversary fighting and would announce their split right after their second anniversary. They released a joint statement revealing their plans to separate, with fans speculating that Mike may have cheated on her as well. Cynthia was a model long before she was a reality star, and while gracing covers and walking catwalks, she caught the eye of some very high-profile men.

She recently confessed to dating Boris Kodjoe while also being connected to NBA player Jayson Williams. Cynthia reveals that she and Jayson were actually engaged, and Boris was just a friend crashing on her couch. She did eventually mess around with him but said this was before “Boris was Boris.”She told The Jasmine Brand: “Boris Kodjoe and I definitely dated. We were super like best of friends for a long time. He had just started modeling. He was in college, and he would actually come and crash at my place and stuff.

This is the first time Cynthia Bailey has publicly discussed her relationship with Boris Kodjoe. The actor went on to marry Nicole Air Parker in 2005.

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