A Breakdown Of Every Insult Mo’Nique Has Given Out Since Beef With D.L Hughley Erupted

Mo’Nique and DL Hughley Beef Began Many Years Before The Detroit Show

Mo’Nique and DL Hughley have been beefing in the media following a fall-out from a show they were supposed to be co-headlining. Mo’Nique took to the stage to call out Hughley for how he marketed the program, claiming they breached her contract.  The days since have been messy, to say the least, with the two doing a lot of back and forth on social media. According to Mo’Nique and her husband in a recent Instagram Live, her issue with D.L. Hughley began many years ago.

“Let’s take them back,” said Sydney Hicks as he and Mo’Nique reflected on the time that DL “Disrespected” Mo’Nique during an interview. “Lemme take yall back to where you think you’re cool with somebody and you’re not,” Mo’Nique says that DL Hughley called her in for his radio show where two other people interviewed her. According to Mo, they were having a great time until Jasmine decided to ask Mo’Nique if she wanted to play a game. They decided to play “Would You Rather” with Mo. They preceded to ask Mo’Nique, “Would you rather your husband sleep with Lee Daniels with a [protection] or Karrine Stephens without [protection]?” Lee Daniels is, of course, the Hollywood producer who reportedly blacklisted Mo’Nique following their film Precious and Karrine is, a former video vixen known for being with several high profile men in hip-hop and publishing a book about their sexcapades. 

Mo’Nique was deeply troubled by this question and revealed that although DL was not there, she asked if she could call him. “That brother aint down like that, he’s not gonna bother with that type of foolishness.” Mo’Nique said when she called DL, he said, “that’s just how we do, and that’s what it is.” Mo’Nique says that after that, she knew he was not cool with her. She also says he spoke ill of her on his radio show.

Mo’Nique Promised To Hand It To DL Hughley In Detroit, MI

Mo’Nique says that she spent years in silence and waited to see DL Hughley in person to discuss their disagreements. She watched as he badmouthed her to ‘the white guy’ Mo’Nique said referring to DJ Vlad. The Comedian said that she knew she would run into DL eventually and be able to address all the things that he said that she was not happy with. Not only did she not like what he did to her, but she did not like how he spoke about rappers Da Baby and Young Thug either. The comedian also referred to his treatment of Ice Cube refusing to get vaccinated and Kanye West’s divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian.

Mo’Nique Called DL Hughley “Tender” and DL During The Show

Mo’Nique says that she assumed after DL could take a joke after years of saying things about people and was shocked at how “tender” he got after she used his initials to make a joke about his sexuality. “Saturday night, I was going to hand DL Hughley his ass. Through the years, I’ve listened to this man speak so freely about my poor choices and my life decisions.” DL stands for Darryl Lynn but also famously stands for “down-low,” a term used for men who sleep with me secretly. 

Mo’Nique Threw Steve Harvey Into The Drama

Mo’Nique also mentioned Steve Harvey during her hour-long Instagram Live. She claims DL Hughley was painting a false narrative about her. She said “false narrative” was Steve’s “big word.” She also said that contrary to claims made by Steve Harvey of her “ruining” the night, she got a standing ovation from the audience. 

Mo’Nique Went On To Attack Vivica A. Fox

Mo’Nique then turned her attention towards Vivica A. Fox who spoke about the incident while covering the Wendy Williams Show with Carson Kressley. Vivica explained that she felt Mo’Nique should not have addressed how she felt on stage and instead spoke to DL Hughley privately. Mo’Nique did not like this and alluded to her and Vivica once being friends and Vivica misreading the audience, who apparently loved Mo’Nique’s set. “They were enjoying themselves,” she said. 

Mo’Nique Demands DL Hughley Call Out The Man Who Violated His Own Daughter, But He Didn’t Believe Her.

Mo’Nique and her husband go on to defend their outburst and call out DL Hughley for things he’s said in the past about everyone, including Kanye West. The Queen of Comedy posted a clip of DL Hughley defending a man who violated his own daughter. He confessed to his daughter telling him that someone had violated her, but he did not believe her because he liked the person she accused. In her caption, she said, “DL didn’t believe his own daughter over a friend because he seemingly likes his friend more than he LOVED HIS OWN DAUGHTER.” The comedian went on to say, “I find it funny that DL will call out ICE CUBE, KANYE, RIZZA ISLAM, ANGELA STANTON, MYSELF ETC., but he won’t call out the name of the person that violated his daughter.

It’s unclear if the two are done just yet, but it’s likely more will emerge in the coming weeks as Mo’Nique is seemingly out for blood. 

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