90s R&B Group Kut Klose Launches GoFundMe, Seeking To Raise $100,000 For New Album

Kut Klose Album, Surrender Debuted At #12 On R&B Charts In 1995

Kut Klose is a ’90s girl group from Atlanta, GA. The trio was founded by Athena Cage, Lavonn Battle, and Tabitha Duncan and discovered by Keith Sweat. Sweat produced their debut album Surrender in 1995, which featured their signature single, “I Like.” Their album debuted at #66 on the Billboard top 200 and #12 on the R&B charts.  The ladies also guested on Sweat’s hit songs “Nobody” and “Twisted.” “Nobody” was a huge success, but only officially credits Athena Cage as a featured artist and co-writer. 

Kut Klose Returned With New Music In 2020

The ladies have attempted several comebacks. First in 2010 with the single “Let it Ring.” Then again, in 2020, with “Congratulations,” an anthemic song about female empowerment. In its accompanying video, they uplift women who have inspired them over the years and who have made history in the world. This includes scenes from the film Hidden Figures, clips from women’s marches, and female politicians making speeches.  Fans were happy in the comments to get new music from Kut Klose. “Love this song, sends a great message to our black woman. congratulations for everything you do and congratulations to kut Klose for the new music,” said one fan. 

Kut Klose Is Trying To Raise $100,000 To Record New Album.

The ladies are looking to finally complete their second album and asking fans for their help. In a video posted to their GoFundMe account, Athena Cage, Lavonn Battle, and Tabitha Duncan speak directly to their fans in hopes of getting them involved. The ladies explain that they are not just background singers and that Kut Klose still has a lot to say in their music.  Athena thanked fans for their continued support. In the fundraiser description, the ladies say that fans have kept their album Surrender alive for almost 30 years, and they just want to give it a proper sequel. “Thanks to all of our Fans for keeping Kut Klose & the Surrender Album Alive and in Heavy Rotation all these Years. We Sincerely Appreciate the Love! Today is 2022, and we want to Start Recording our new Kut Klose Album !” they say in the caption. 

They ask for $100k to help cover recording expenses, music videos, and photoshoots. They conclude with, “This new 2022 Kut Klose Album will be an R&B Masterpiece!”

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