Rapper 50 Cent Will Never Forget Lesson In Business Master P Taught Him That Cost Him Money

Master P and 50 Cent are two of the smartest men in Hip-Hop. They’ve both amassed huge empires and continue to spread knowledge about financial wealth and how to be a businessman. The men had a run-in early on in 50 Cent’s career that taught him a valuable lesson about contracts and shows that 50 Cent will never forget.

Early on in 50 Cent’s rise, Master P helped him set up a tour through the south to promote his music. It was shortly after “Wanksta” dropped. Master P said he knew 50 was going to be a star, and he had to money to put him on tour so he did. His hope was to empower the young star and also get in early on his success. According to 50 Cent, Master P set up a tour with eight dates and paid him upfront. However, the men only go through four dates. Master P told 50 Cent they would schedule something else later on down the line.

When Master P finally cashed in on his four additional tour dates, 50 Cent was already a massive star and has just sold his first 2 million albums. The rapper had to swallow his pride and do the shows since he had already been paid. Even though his price has changed substantially, 50 Cent could not ask for any additional funds. The men engaged in some competitive banter at the team, with Master P telling 50 Cent to try and sell 100 million records after the rapper had sold his first ten mil. In the end, the men remain cool and can laugh about it now.

Fans in the comments felt like this story was another example of why Master P deserves more credit for his work than people give him. “Idc what anyone says, big bro Master P doesn’t get nowhere near the amount of credit that’s he’s RIGHTFULLY DUE! He’s put in mad workkkk over the years and always been solid from the beginning!”

Other people commented on the obvious level of respect 50 had for Master P, saying, “You could tell fifty was more impressed than upset,” and, “Gotta love 50, he is so real. He doesn’t respect weakness.” Another person joked, “P is one smart businessman. He basically allowed the chicken to marinate before he cooked it.”

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