50 Cent Urges Comedian Mo’Nique To Change How She Reacts When Someone Has Done Her Wrong

Mo’Nique has been in the news lately for yet another feud. A veteran in the comedy world herself, she’s been extending her wrath to fellow comedy vet D. L. Hughley over a headlining dispute. The Precious star’s approach has come under intense criticism from many fans and other celebrities for its disrespectful nature. And judging from her previous feuds with Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, Oprah, and others, fans have been nudging her next confirmed collaborator, 50 Cent, that he is potentially more than likely to be next on her growing list of enemies.

You may recall that 50 Cent has been one of the loudest supporters in Mo’Nique’s corner as of late. In March, the rapper-turned-major television producer expressed his vows to get her back on television after being blackballed.   Mo’Nique has been experiencing a comeback of sorts within her career. First, she was announced as the lead in the upcoming Lee Daniels Netflix film. Also, thanks to 50, Mo’Nique will appear as “Goldie” in the second season of  Black Mafia Family on STARZ.

But her latest antics surrounding the D. L. Hughley drama have some people, once again, view her negatively. As a result, Mo’Nique might be looking problematic with many prominent celebrities and perhaps seeing a decline in her fanbase. Some fans have even warned 50 Cent that he may be next.

Although fans believed that the Power star would perhaps appear in his usual trolling manner on social media, the Emmy Award-nominated actress still has a massive fan in Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. During a recent lengthy Instagram Live session where Mo’nique was joined by her husband, Sidney Hicks Jr., the couple expressed their deep admiration and sincere appreciation for the rapper. Mo’Nique labeled 50 Cent a “beautiful, pure-hearted Black man” and addressed those that claimed he would be “next” on her list. “That’s a man. That’s a king,” she stated. “He’s of pure heart, baby. And he’s principled.”  

50 Cent highlighted that portion of the Live on his own social media accounts and declared his love for Mo’Nique and her husband. In addition, he offered that moving forward, she should operate at a “pace they haven’t seen before, [and] work like we gotta make up for lost time.”  “The best way to get back at anyone you feel did you wrong is to do good,” he concluded.

Fans agreed with 50 Cent’s advise, telling the comedian to turn that energy into ‘ Let’s be great energy!’ Another fan told Mo’Nique to stay quiet, and work! Let your work be your get back! Regardless, of what happened between Mo’Nique and DL Hughley fans admire both comedians and most are looking forward to seeing Mo’Nique take her crown back as one of the Queens of Comedy.

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