50 Cent Reignites Feud With Oprah Winfrey, Adds Tyler Perry Name To His List

If there’s one thing 50 Cent is going to do, he’s going to keep a feud going. To borrow (and slightly amend) the phrase, as made famous by former Love and Hip Hop: New York star Cardi B: If somebody has beef with 50 Cent, they’re going to have beef with 50 Cent, Forever. The Queens rapper has made his stance known against Oprah Winfrey for years. Well, according to his latest post, 50 Cent’s feud with the television mogul have far from died down. In fact, he’s added on to his long list of problems with Winfrey and is now including Tyler Perry in the midst.

While most of the population seems to stan Oprah Winfrey, 50 Cent absolutely does not. The “Hate It Or Love It” rapper wrote about why he had beef with Oprah in his book published in 2020, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.   50 Cent details in his book that one of his earlier goals was to be on Oprah Winfrey’s daytime television talk show. At the time, he was one of the biggest acts on the planet. Oprah’s talk show was one of the biggest platforms on television. So it would appear to make sense that 50 Cent would appear on her show to promote his album and perhaps speak on his compelling life story. 

However, the Queens native recalled that Oprah Winfrey was never here for him or his talents. 50 Cent told The Guardian in an interview that the talk show host never had intentions of inviting him as a guest on her show. “She was completely against everything that was in my music,” the rapper shared. Feeling that they would never be friends, the recent Super Bowl performer devised that he would become her enemy.

Years of criticism would only continue. But as happenstance would have it, 50 Cent ran into Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King, at a fundraiser in New York City. After meeting and chopping it up, Gayle King insisted to Oprah that she invite the rapper onto her show.

Finally, on June 10, 2012, 50 Cent was invited to sit down and have a conversation with Oprah Winfrey for an episode of OWN Networks’ “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” During the show, 50 Cent shared with Oprah that her comments about Hip-Hop culture matched the lyrical content of his music, which included misogynistic and violent content. From this, he conceived that she did not like him.  But 50 Cent’s “feud” with Oprah was moreso revealed to all have been strategic. Eventually, the beef was laid to rest with both individuals coming to an understanding.

But it’s almost a decade later, and it seems the feud between Oprah Winfrey and 50 Cent could potentially be reignited and the rapper is adding Tyler Perry’s name in it. With all that has been surrounding comedian and actress Mo’Nique, including her own personal issues with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, the rapper seemingly can’t sit back and allow it any longer . 50 Cent has never had any public issues with Tyler Perry, but that didn’t stop him from calling out the billionare.

Mo’nique has made claims that she’s been blackballed in the entertainment industry after her issues with Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry. The comedian recently revealed she had audio of Tyler Perry admitting he was wrong and apologizing to her. Although she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Precious, work for Mo’Nique has vastly dried.   However, if 50 Cent has anything to do with it, we will see Mo’Nique on television sooner than later. Being the executive producer for many shows that include BMFFor Life, and all included in the Power franchise, he can cast Mo’Nique in a role.

50 Cent has been vocal in his support for the acclaimed comedian on social media as of late. In his recent Instagram post, the rapper demanded Oprah and Tyler Perry offer the comedian an apology before it’s too late. Taking to his Instagram account, 50 Cent shared a video from HotNewHipHop with the caption “I’m sure Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry would not want to continue to allow [their] influence to damage [Mo’Nique’s] career, and this has went on for way [too] long,” he wrote. In conclusion, 50 Cent promised that he was going to be responsible for “putting her back on.”

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