50 Cent Has Been Focused On Academic Enrichment Programs For 20 Years, Now He’s Donating $500,000 Into High School Student Owned Businesses

50 Cent is a bully, but that does not mean he doesn’t know how to give back. The hip-hop mogul has a long history of being generous that is often overshadowed by his various feuds with everyone from Oprah to The Starz Network. Let’s take a look at the different times 50 has been a good guy. 

50 Cent’s History As A Philanthropist

50 Cent built his empire fairly quickly. After years of bubbling as one of the most promising acts in hip-hop, he delivered on his debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” which shattered sales records. He quickly diversified his catalog and got involved in fashion, books, films, video games, and investments. 

One of his investments, a drink called Street Kings, aimed to provide a meal for underprivileged kids every time a bottle was sold. He also partnered with SMS Audio and Feeding America to provide food for children with the sale of every headphone.  In 2009 he teamed up with Robert Greene to deliver the self-help and business book. The 50th Law inspires others to pursue their dreams and aspirations.  In 2019 he took a 12 million dollar loss after selling the massive estate he purchased from Mike Tyson. However, some reported that he donated the $2.3 million that he did earn to charity through his G-Unity Foundation. 

What Is G-Unity Foundation

According to their official website, G-Unity supports various programs that can demonstrate positive outcomes for urban kids. In his official statement, 50 says, “I’ve spent years donating my time and energy to communities in need. I started G-Unity to do the same to give back to kids, so they have it a little easier than I did.” 50 stresses how important team building and entrepreneurship have helped him along with his career and how those are things he wants to instill in the next generation of leaders and moguls. “I look forward to G-Unity supporting programs that are doing the crucial work of teaching kids to excel at life.”

The website highlights several philanthropic milestones in recent years, like 50 Cent making a surprise visit during a toy drive in Houston, Texas, in 2020 to help families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

They also feature a 2012 article titled “Conscious Capitalism: How 50 Cent Gives Back.” In it, 50 discusses how he founded G-Unity and is showcased giving out turkeys during a thanksgiving drive. 

50 Cent Invests $500,000 In Seed Money To Students

Black Wall Street Dot Com recently did a video spotlighting 50 Cent and his $500k investment into Student-Run Companies at The Hustle Talk. The G-Unity Business Lab is an extension of his Foundation and recently partnered with the HISD to uplift and support students. 

This is his second year working with the HISD. Last year 50 donated $300k to three schools in the district. These donations will help bring advanced business labs to the schools. In a statement last year, 50 said, “Over the past 20 years, I’ve been focused on academic enrichment projects and making donations to already exciting organizations that can execute it.” He goes on to say that this passion increased after Covid because he saw the advanced need for support in our young people. 50 has taken special interest in Houston due to his new partnership with the Houston Rockets Toyota Center who will exclusively feature his line of liquors and branding.

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