50 Cent Abandoned His Son Marquise Jackson Many Years Ago, And Now The Game Is Speaking On It

The Game and 50 Cent were once friends but have become rivals over the years. The east coast and west coast rappers were both massive breakout stars in the early ’00s, thanks to their mentor Dr. Dre. These days the guys like taking jabs at each other online. The Game recently discussed 50’s ongoing beef with his estranged son Marquise Jackson. 

The Game and 50 Cent beef.

Things started off smooth between the two. 50 Cent took his astronomical success with his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin and used it to launch G-Unit. The Game was originally a G-Unit affiliate and used that to help launch his equality massive debut, The Documentary. The Game was eventually dismissed from G-Unit in 2005 after 50 Cent’s sophomore album was pushed back to make space for Game’s debut. 50 took issue with this and was not too happy with Dr. Dre or Jimmy Iovine. 

This tension spilled over into the video shoot for The Game’s “Hate It Or Love It,” which featured 50. 50 Cent refused to sit in the front seat during a scene and is actually seen sitting behind Game for much of the video since he was not too keen on him. Later that year, 50 Cent announced live on the radio that The Game was no longer associated with G-Unit, and a scuffle broke out outside of the radio station, resulting in one of Game’s homies getting shot in the leg by security.  In the years since the men have released various diss tracks aimed at each other and have made comments during interviews. Most of the time, they seem to do this right around the time they have new projects dropping. 

The Game Calls Fifty Cent A Bad Father 

The Game gearing up for a new release. Drillmatic is scheduled to drop next month after already experiencing a pushback. The album title pulls its inspiration from Nas’ classic Illmatic and is said to feature over 30 songs. The Game’s first push for publicity was publicly calling out The Rolling Stone Magazine for not including his debut album in their 200 Greatest Rap songs of all-time list. “I carried an entire coast for 20 years on the back of my 1st album. Cause I don’t walk red carpets, play dress-up, smile, or fake laugh at brunches, I don’t count? #Drillmatic July 1st.”

His second attempt at promo came during a viral interview with I Am Athlete. When asked his thoughts on 50 Cent, his response was, “you need loose change.” When asked if he would do a movie with 50 Cent, he asks, “what kind of movie?” He then jokes and says the only movie he’d do with 50 Cent would be one where he comes in and takes care of 50’s son and baby mother because 50 Cent is a bad father. “Any man that don’t want to take care of their own child for any reason, I got a problem with.”

50 Cent Abandoned His Firstborn Son Marquise Jackson

This is an obvious reference to 50 Cent’s relationship with his eldest son Marquise Jackson, whom he’s cut off. 50 and Marquise have discussed their grievances over the years. 50 Cent and his eldest son’s mother did not have a great relationship, and 50 believes that she turned his son against him. Prior to the falling out, Marquise was a mainstay in 50 Cent’s videos and was often seen side by side with his dad on red carpets and performances.  When asked if he’d reconcile with his son, he answers, “it’s a sad situation. When you pray for success, you don’t pray for the things that come with it.” He goes on to say that his child’s mother is very entitled and jealous of his success and passed that on to his son.  50 is petty and doubles down by posting lots of images of his youngest son Sire Jackson, with whom he has a better relationship. To date, Marquise has never met Sire in person. 

Marquise and 50 Cent Both Attended His Grandmothers Funeral

The last time 50 Cent and Marquise were in the same room was reportedly for his grandmother’s funeral. Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua spoke about their interaction and how his son put their beef to the side for a moment to show love and respect for his father. She explains that while walking past 50 to approach the casket, Marquise stopped and kissed his father on the forehead. 

She retold the story to QueenzFlip of Hot97 last year. “We go to view the body, and to go view the body, you have to walk in front of [50] because he’s in the first row. Marquise hadn’t spoken to his father in years, it had to be about 2-3 years. He went over to his dad and kissed him on the forehead. So when you say ego, I’m lost with that one. If that wasn’t a beautiful gesture… he went and kissed his father on the forehead and proceeded back to his seat.”

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